Car Accidents and Coverages

In Ontario, car accident victims receive medical care covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), which is the primary publically funded health care system that accident victims have access to in Ontario. OHIP covers family physicians, hospital visits, specialists, ongoing medical treatments, blood and other diagnostic tests and so on.
However, in some cases, injury victims may have access to private insurance that can provide additional medical care not covered by OHIP or services that might not be readily available.
Some medical expenses such as medications and physiotherapy may not be covered by OHIP and so private medical insurance may pay these expenses. If the car accident victim has car insurance, their car insurance will cover a significant amount of medical expenses called “accident benefits”.
In Ontario however, OHIP does not cover every medical expense incurred after a car accident. For instance, medication is covered while you in hospital but not after you are discharged. Usually, private medical plans cover those medications and some other treatments such as chiropractic, psychologists and physiotherapy.
What happens if you don’t have private insurance coverage and are discharged from hospital? 
In that case, your accident benefits insurer (car insurance) may cover some of these expenses and if not, depending on if you qualify, the Ontario Trillium Drug Program may cover some medication costs. 
In the case of serious injuries, an injury victim may require specialized medical services such as home care and attendant care services. These expenses can be covered by your accident benefits insurance company (car insurer). 
What happens if the at fault driver is not insured or can’t be identified?
In most cases, if the other driver was at fault for the accident, you can pursue them (and their car insurer) for medical expenses and compensation.  In the event the other driver is not insured or it is a hit and run where the driver and other of the vehicle is not identified, in Ontario, there is a program that may cover expenses and provide compensation. The Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund (MVACF) is Ontario’s insurance coverage of last resort.
If you have suffered injuries in an car accident, you have available coverages from various sources.
At our law firm, we investigate all possible sources of coverages and compensation and provide you with the legal advice you need to make informed decisions about your care.
This article is provided for information purposes only and each case must be considered based on their own facts. Legal advice should be obtained in each case to determine the applicable law.
Marc-Nicholas Quinn,
Ottawa Car Accident Lawyer