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In Ontario, owners and occupiers may be held liable to persons injured on property they occupy, own or manage. In Ontario, fall accidents are governed by the Ontario Occupiers’ Liability Act (OLA). 
This OLA establishes a duty of care on the part of an owner and/or occupier to make sure that persons using the property are safe. The list of persons that may be considered an occupier is not exhaustive and may include persons using the space, renting the space or managing the premises. A person may be considered an occupier under the OLA if they are in physical possession of the premises, responsible for and have control over the condition of the premises. They may also be considered an occupier if they have responsibility or control over activities on the premises and make decisions as to who can enter and use the premises. Who will be considered an “occupier” under the OLA is fact specific. A personal injury lawyer will examine the facts and determine who could be reasonably held to be an owner or occupier of the premises and exposed to liability.
Under the OLA, occupiers owe a duty of care to take such care in all the circumstances to ensure that all persons using the premises and the premises are reasonably safe. This usually includes having a maintenance program in place and conducting periodic inspections of the premises to identify dangers and address them in a timely fashion.
In terms of municipal property, you should know that municipalities in certain circumstances are held to a different standard and there are specific notice period to meet as an injured person. Missing the time periods for notices can destroy your case so consult a lawyer right away if you fall or are injured on any property.
If you have been injured on someone else’s property, please contact one of our personal injury lawyers for a free consultation as soon as possible after the accident. Our lawyers work on the basis of being paid only when you succeed in your case.
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