Helpful Tips for Accident Victims

Some Helpful Tips for Accident Victims – Ottawa Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers – Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer Network – Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP



Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind after suffering injuries in an accident:


  1. Seek medical attention immediately following any accident. You may be surprised on what may first seem to be a small injury turns out to be a much more significant injury or injuries.
  2. File a police report, especially if the accident is due to a motor vehicle incident, bicycle or motorcycle accident. Police reports provide names and addresses of all parties to the accident as well as important insurance information.
  3. When talking to others at the scene of the incident, do not admit fault in any way.
  4. In motor vehicle cases, ask for a copy of the other driver’s licence and insurance documents as well as their name and address.
  5. Take as many photographs of the accident, scene, vehicles, and any objects involved in the accident as you can. The more the better. Develop them right away and keep an electronic copy if possible.
  6. Get the names, telephone numbers and addresses of all witnesses. Often, cases turn on the evidence of independent witnesses.
  7. Save copies of any and all receipts for medical and non-medical expenses incurred relating to the incident and injuries. You must document your losses to obtain reimbursement of out of pocket expenses and other expenses.
  8. If you have lost work or business income, keep a detailed list of days off and lost contracts, profits etc… Obtain confirmation of the days off, position held, salary and benefits lost due to your recovery from injuries sustained in the accident.
  9. Make and save copies of any medical documents received, such as the emergency report and prescriptions.
  10. Keep a list of all health care providers you see with their names, and full contact particulars, with a summary of the treatment received and date treatment was given.
  11. Report the accident in writing to your insurance representative (your insurer).
  12. Ask your insurer to send you a list of any benefits you may be entitled to receive under your policy of insurance. This is especially important in motor vehicle cases because you are entitled to accident benefits from your own insurance regardless of who caused the accident.
  13. If you refuse to cooperate with your insurance company, that may cause you to lose benefits. However, you have the right to have a lawyer present for all interactions with your insurer. When in doubt, hire a personal injury lawyer / insurance lawyer and they can assist you in cooperating with your insurer while also protecting your rights and interests.
  14. Do not sign any documents without having your personal injury lawyer review it first. Seek legal advice prior to signing anything.
  15. Never give a recorded or written statement without first consulting with your personal injury lawyer, even if you have nothing to hide. It can be used against you or used out of context.
  16. Most importantly, after seeking medical attention, seek legal advice early. We provide free consultations. Obtaining legal advice early can prevent significant and costly complications later in your personal injury case.



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