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Experience Matters! Finding an experienced reliable personal injury lawyer is key to winning your case. It can be difficult to know which lawyer is right for you and your family. When it comes to personal injury law, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer. Experience really does count! Personal injury is a highly specialized area of law. You can lose tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation by hiring an inexperienced lawyer. Our injury lawyers focus on one thing and that is maximizing your compensation and obtaining settlements so you can move on after an accident.

Comprehensive Experienced Legal Counsel for Complex Accident Cases

Insurance companies know which law firms will fight for their clients. We don’t give up and we win injury cases! – In fact, with the right lawyer the vast majority of cases settle! In our experience, less than 2% of our cases actually reach trial!

Catastrophic Accidents Can Change Everything – So can Hiring the Right Injury Lawyer

With over 20 years of experience, we have earned the respect of insurance companies and the legal community. Success in your Ottawa injury cases can only be assured through skilled legal representation by experienced and respected injury lawyers. Our lawyers exclusively represents accident victims.

We have the financial resources, experience, and skills to take on complex personal injury cases and big insurance companies.We cover the costs of pursuing your claims to shield you from financial burden of fighting for your rights until your case is won. The lawyer you choose will make a difference.

Before talking to any insurance adjuster, signing any forms or documents or considering settlement of any claim and especially before agreeing to any settlement, consult one of our injury lawyers, for free.

No Fee Until You Win

Consultation with our lawyers is free. We do not charge unless we win your case.

This web site offers quick access to information (Q&A) and was designed with you in mind.

Marc-Nicholas Quinn, ESQ., Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer, Court Connected Mediator, Author and Lecturer


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