Our lawyers come from one of the most successful accident law firms in Ontario. Our legal team has successfully helped thousands of injury victims. With our help, our clients overcome the struggles that come with being injured in an accident. We level the playing field when dealing huge insurance companies that have unlimited resources.

Our clients often tell us about the endless brick walls and pitfalls of dealing with an insurance company, seemingly getting nowhere with their claims until they retained us. Our injury lawyer team has designed a proven strategy to take on big insurance companies and provide the compensation and justice our clients deserve. Our goal is to persuade the insurance companies, their lawyers and adjusters that our clients are entitled to compensation. If they are not persuaded, the insurance companies know that we have the experience, skills and financial means to take our clients’ cases to trial and persuade judges and juries to award our clients compensation.

Our lawyers are proud of the fact that more than 98% of our cases end up successfully resolving with millions recovered for the clients.

Our lawyers are confident and able. They take on your case on a contingency fee basis and charge only when you win your case. If our injury lawyers fail to get you compensation, then you pay nothing. Because of our past success, we can afford the large costs of litigation and are financially able to support our clients’ claims through to trial if necessary. Our goal is to get our clients everything they are legally entitled to receive. Our goal is to settle our clients’ claims without litigation and without trial if possible. While most cases settle, we are willing, able and prepared to take our clients cases to trial and aggressively pursue our clients’ claims.

Ottawa Accident, Injury and Disability Lawyers focused only on representing victims of accidents.