Choosing the right injury lawyer

When it comes to choosing an auto personal injury lawyer, it is difficult to know without experience who the right personal injury lawyer may be for your particular case. Knowing what aspects of an Ottawa personal injury lawyer are important is a crucial point in any personal injury claim. To assist those persons who have been injured as a result of an accident and whom are seeking the assistance of a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer to prosecute a claim seeking compensation, our lawyers offer the following as a general guidance: 1. Personal injury law is a highly specialized area of law and when seeking a lawyer, you should seek a lawyer who focuses their law practice on personal injury insurance law issues. 2. After an initial telephone conference call with a personal injury lawyer, take the time to meet face-to-face with the personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. 3. Prepare for your meeting with your personal injury lawyer including preparing questions you may have about your case and the qualifications of the personal injury lawyer your meeting with. 4. When meeting with the personal injury lawyer, asked a lawyer if he or she is prepared to accept your case on a no fee until you win basis, otherwise known as a contingency fee basis. 5. Finally, if the personal injury lawyer provide you with a clear estimate of what your case is worth at the initial conference, that lawyer is not likely the right lawyer for you since it is impossible for any lawyer to provide you with any accurate assessment of the value of your case until all of the facts are known, all relevant documents reviewed and your injuries have healed. Only a very rough estimate can be provided, subject of course to any additional facts obtained pertaining to your injuries and your losses. Our lawyers are often asked to take on personal injury files from other lawyers who do not have experience in this area of law. Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of a personal injury claim and that is all they handle everyday. As indicated personal injury law and cases are extremely complex and most often require the assistance of a lawyer who focuses their law practice on personal injury claims. Our lawyers offer free consultations and handle all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. During the consultation, feel free to ask any questions you may have about our experience as personal injury lawyers and how we can best assist you in seeking the compensation you deserve as a result of the injuries you sustained from accident. Contact us at 613-315-4878 or 613-563-1131. Visit us at