Why, as Ottawa accident and injury lawyers, do we write blogs about accidents in Ottawa and in Ontario?


Our blog reports on news and injury issues, often with a focus on local injury cases and accidents. In a way it is similar to what newspapers do, except that we focus on issues pertaining to accidents and injuries. We take our blogs a step further than regular news because we focus on those issues affecting victims of accidents. We provide legal information and real examples of analysis needed in personal injury cases, similar to those you hear about in the Ottawa news.


We strive to provide our readers with useful information about personal injury law and offer insights into their various legal rights and legal options. By educating our readers as to what their legal rights and interests may be in situations where they suffer injuries in accidents, we hope our readers can benefit and use information to protect and in many cases preserve the legal rights and interests before they expire.


There are limitation periods which apply to all claims in Ontario and it is important that any person who is injured in an accident speak to a lawyer about their own case without delay.  You need to be aware about time limits and limitation periods that apply to your injury case; otherwise you can lose your rights to sue forever. It would be a shame not to obtain compensation and have the wrongdoer not be held accountable for their intentional acts, omissions, negligence or carelessness.


It is our hope that our Ottawa personal injury and accident blogs provide incentive to persons injured in accidents to obtain the needed advice from an injury lawyer.


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