You Need a Lawyer if:


  • The insurance company has denied your claim for benefits or compensation.
  • The insurance company is trying to claim that you are partially responsible for an accident and won’t offer a reasonable settlement.
  • Your injuries are serious and you are missing time from work, you are stressed out and scared.
  • You would rather focus on recovering from your injuries than dealing with the insurance company and their adjustors. You need an expert in injury law.
  • Your insurance company is disputing the reasonableness and necessity of your medical treatment, and have stopped paying your medical bills. You still need the medical care and cannot afford it.
  • The insurance company claims that you are not injured or that you should have fully healed by now. They are suggesting you are lying.
  • The insurance company is trying to claim that your injuries are pre-existing conditions. They refuse to pay you anything.
  • The insurance adjuster is pressuring you to sign documents.
  • The insurance adjuster will not agree to a settlement before you sign documents.
  • The insurance company wants you to attend an independent medical examination of some type.
  • Your medical bills are piling up, you can’t pay them all, and you can’t work and are thinking of going bankrupt.


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