What are bad faith claims against insurance companies?

Personal Injury Claims, Bad Faith Claims and Insurance Disputes


In many cases, insurance companies will deny a claimant benefits despite the fact that they meet the benefits criteria under the policy and are entitled to the benefits and compensation claimed.


In many cases, the insurance company refuses to provide the insurance coverage persons purchased, unreasonably deny reasonable claims for benefits or leaves people with no option but to sue them in order to recover insurance benefits and compensation they are legally entitled to receive.


Depending on the facts of each case, there is certain types of conduct by the insurance company that may be considered bad faith conduct and you may allow you to claim not only the benefits you deserve, but also an additional amount of damages based on bad faith.


Please see below for some signs that your insurer may be acting in bad faith:


  1. The insurer tells you that you don’t need a lawyer to help you with your claim?
  2. The insurer wants to record a statement from you or have you sign a statement without a lawyer?
  3. The insurer wants to settle your case even though you have not fully healed from your injuries?
  4. Your claim has been denied by the insurance company?
  5. You believe that the insurance company has treated you treated unfairly?


If you have any doubts about how your insurance company has treated you or have any questions about the way your insurance claim was handled, as Ottawa accident, injury and disability law lawyers, we can provide you with a legal opinion, free of charge.


You may have a claim for damages and compensation based on bad faith and you should consult one of our injury and insurance lawyers regarding a possible bad faith claim against the insurance company.


The law of bad faith is complex and you require an experienced lawyer to analyze your case for a potential bad faith claim. Contact one of our experienced disability, accident and insurance lawyers to find out if you have been a victim of bad faith or questionable insurance practices.


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