Why should I hire an Ottawa personal injury and accident lawyer?


In most personal injury and accident cases, an injured person needs an Ottawa accident and injury lawyer. This brief article explains why.


Unfortunately, justice is not automatic. This is so even in cases where someone is clearly injured due to another person’s carelessness or negligence.


As your Ottawa personal injury lawyers, there are a number of issues we address in order to protect the legal rights of our injured clients.  We must carefully consider and properly address things like:

  • Determining notices and time periods to meet.
  • Taking steps to meet the notice and time lines.
  • Determining the legal deadlines to meet.
  • Taking steps to meet the legal deadlines.
  • Nature and extent of proper notices to provide.
  • Maneuvering through the insurance company mine-field.
  • Locating all possible insurance policies (both injured person’s policy and third party policies).
  • Assessing entitlements and benefits under various laws.
  • Assessing entitlements and rights under various possible insurance policies.
  • Assessing the positive and negative facts of each case.
  • Obtaining all relevant medical and other evidence.
  • Determining the applicable laws and legal principles in each case.
  • Determining the full extent of injuries.
  • Determining the value of each head of damages applicable.
  • Providing timely accurate legal advice.
  • Assessing damages and losses.
  • Retaining experts to assess losses.
  • Commencing court actions within the limitation periods.
  • Properly prosecuting a court action.
  • And much much more…. 


All of these issues can be quite complex and time consuming.  Errors made at any stage can be extremely costly to our injured clients. As personal injury lawyers, we have extensive Knowledge of all applicable laws. We also have a clear understanding of the applicable court cases (judge made law); we understand how the courts system works and know how to properly read court decisions and how they have been interpreted. We know how to apply the proper personal injury laws and other laws to each case, including the common law and statutory laws.


Inexperienced lawyers make mistakes, such as failing to comply with a legal time deadline or legal notice requirement (many are found in insurance policies or under a statute) and missing or undervaluing certain heads of damages. In an instant, an injured person can lose their right to make a claim.


If the wrong information is provided to an insurance adjuster, this may have a significant harmful effect on the claim.  Proceeding without the legal advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer can be very risky. The system is stacked against injured persons who are not represented by a personal injury lawyer.


Keep in mind that insurance companies are in business to make money. As a business, they will want understandably to reduce any payments or, if possible, not pay at all.  Insurance companies have highly skilled and trained adjusters on staff and they hire very experienced and knowledgeable lawyers. They are very familiar with the insurance system and the legal system and they know how to take advantage of the systems.


Your Ottawa personal injury lawyer levels the playing field.  Your Ottawa injury lawyer will take the steps needed to protect your interests and rights so that you can maximize the compensation you deserve. Studies have shown that with an injury lawyer you obtain much more compensation, even after legal fees are paid, than without an injury lawyer.


As your Ottawa injury lawyers, we handle all of the steps for you. While you concentrate on recovery and returning to your day-to-day life, our Ottawa accident lawyers handle the complicated legal issues for you. We have experienced injury lawyers, paralegals and law clerks. Our team is ready to fight for you. Our personal injury team will protect your rights and work hard to get you the most money possible so that you are fairly and justifiably compensated for your injuries sustained due to another person’s negligence or wrongdoing.


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