Rights and interests when involved in a motorcycle accident – Ottawa motorcycle accident lawyers


With the start of the summer in Ottawa, Ontario, motorcycle accident lawyers are busy answering calls from motorcycle accident victims and their families seeking information about their rights and interests. Drivers need to take extra precautions during the summer to avoid accidents with motorcycles. Even when car drivers look out for motorcycles, collisions nevertheless occur and the consequences often prove serious and deadly.  In many cases we handle, the driver of the car says they never even saw the motorcycle.


Any person injured in a motorcycle accident in Ontario is entitled to statutory accident benefits under the Insurance Act regardless of who is at fault or the accident and in many cases can also claim compensation for pain and suffering, called a tort claim or tort action.


The lawyers at Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP are experienced in handling all types of car accidents and handle many motorcycle accident cases each year. Anyone hurt in a motorcycle accident should consult a personal injury lawyer to determine their rights and interests. The types of compensation available include pain and suffering, medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses and loss of income.


Our personal injury and accident lawyers provide skilled and professional legal services to clients in cases involving any type of motorized vehicle accidents, including truck accidents, car accidents and motorcycle accidents.


Unlike some lawyers, our law firm focuses all of its time and experience in personal injury and accident cases. That is all we do every day. We have a team of dedicated lawyers, paralegals, law clerks, legal assistants and other professionals ready, willing and able to assist injury victims with every aspect of their personal injury claim. 


Our lawyers are trained in every aspect of a personal injury case. The steps taken by our injury lawyers include investigating the facts; initial assessment of liability and damages; obtaining information from third parties such as hospitals, health care providers, police, insurers and more; preparing and delivering formal notices of claims to every person, business, corporation, government agency or other legal entity that may be reasonably held liable to pay compensation or benefits for the accident; investigating insurance coverages; retaining medical and financial experts to assist in valuations and supporting your claim; preparing demands for disclosure from third parties and obtaining all relevant records; review and assessment of the disclosure and records; assessing all heads of damages; preparing settlement proposals; negotiating settlements with opposing counsel, adjusters and insurers; in the event the case cannot be settled directly with the insurance company in a reasonable time, we will issue a statement of  claim (start an action – sue) on your behalf with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and complete all of the litigation steps necessary to obtain compensation for you.


Personal injury law such those involved when dealing with motorcycle accidents and car accidents are extremely complex and require skilled and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers. Our law firm focuses only on accident cases. We settle most cases for extremely fair compensation. We offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we do not charge a fee until we win your case. Call us for a free case assessment or consultation at 613-315-4878. Don’t take chances with your rights by choosing a lawyer who does not specialize in personal injury and accident cases, call the lawyers at Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP.


Article written by Marc-Nicholas Quinn, Ottawa injury lawyer, lecturer and court connected mediator. Visit us at www.ottawapersonalinjurylawyernetwork.com.