Swimming Pool and Diving Accidents – Ottawa Accident and Injury Lawyers – Occupier’s Liability Act Claims.
Each summer, the local hospitals of Ottawa receive a number of cases of persons injured as a result of diving into swimming pools, falling near swimming pools on hard surfaces or otherwise becoming injured as a result of the use of water connected to swimming pools.
There are many water sports people engage during the summer months and diving into pools from various structures such as platforms, diving boards, balconies and flotation devices can cause persons to suffer injuries. In many cases, the injuries are serious and catastrophic. In some cases it causes death. Diving is a particularly dangerous activity. In many cases, the injuries involve the head and the spine and hospitals often see serious head injuries, fractures  and spinal cord injuries resulting from diving activities.
In many cases, the accidents occur because the diver is unfamiliar with the depth of the body of water below, dive in an unsafe way or take chances by diving in shallow water. In many cases, because diving involves submitting into the water head first, the injuries to the head and spinal cord are serious, catastrophic and permanent; it can result in quadriplegia or paraplegia.
Injuries sustained as a result of activities around pools are generally caught by the law of negligence and claims for damages are often based on Occupier’s Liability laws. Generally, property owners who allow anyone to use their property including the swimming pool owe a duty of care to ensure that persons using the swimming pool act reasonably and that the property and pool are safe at all times. If a property owner allows their guests to dive into the swimming pool, they accept the risks associated with diving. Accordingly, if the property owner was negligent, they will be held liable for any damages to be paid as a result of injuries sustained by one of the guests.
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