Occupier’s Liability in Ontario – Staircase Fall Accident Lawyers in Ottawa
Many people trip and fall down because of defective stairs and stair wells. In Ontario, occupiers of property as well as property owners can be held liable for stair accidents. This is the case whether the fall occurred as a result of a trip, slip or other means of falling such as objects in the stairs. The liability largely stems from the obligations of occupiers and owners under the Occupier’s Liability Act of Ontario.
Falls down a flight of stairs can be caused by many things. Stairs can be dangerous if not properly built or maintained. In many cases, falls occur because of lack of maintenance or stairs built in a way which does not comply with building standards such as those under the Ontario Building Code.
As personal injury lawyers in Ottawa, Ontario, we have handled hundreds of fall cases and have handled cases where persons have suffered minor injuries to catastrophic injuries. When it comes to falls in stairs, these are the most common causes of falls we see:
  • Defective stairs.
  • Defective railings.
  • Loose carpeting.
  • Slippery surface.
  • Objects on stairs.
  • Debris on stairs.
  • Missing handrails.
  • Wet substances on the stairs.
  • Broken stairs.
  • Loose runners.
  • Poorly lit staircase.
  • Poor maintenance.
Handling falls caused by stairs can be complicated.  Proving negligence often involves the use of experts such as building or engineering experts. Evidence tends to disappear so it is wise to hire a personal injury lawyer right away. Often, there are many persons or legal entities that ca be held liable. The responsible parties may include property owners, contractors, occupiers, owner of the business or their employees and managers, inspectors or other third parties who failed to take care.
If you or a loved one has been injured in a staircase fall accident, contact one of our experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyers who has experience with owner and occupier liability negligence cases. Our consultations are free and all fees are handled on a contingency basis.  If we represent you in your accident, we will not charge any fees unless we recover money for you.
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