Tips for finding the right personal injury lawyer to handle your Ottawa injury and accident case.
If you have been injured in a accident such as a car accident, a trip and fall, a slip and fall or a dog bite or dog attack, it is important to obtain legal advice as soon as possible after the incident so that immediate steps can be taken to protect your interests.
While most people understand that they need to speak to an accident lawyer right away, they find it difficult to choose the right lawyer for them.  Choosing the right injury lawyer can mean a difference of thousands of dollars in compensation for injuries resulting from accidents.
As general tips, the following may be helpful in deciding which injury lawyer to choose: the lawyer you select should have extensive experience representing people involved in accidents; the lawyer should have their credentials open for review, often they are posted on the law firm’s web site; the lawyer should have the financial and human resources needed to support injured victims, running a personal injury firm and injury files is not cheap and not all lawyers have the resources needed to handle complicated injury cases; ask if the lawyer has relationships with medical experts needed to prove the medical aspects of a typical injury case and whether the lawyer has a positive relationship with local insurance adjusters and defence lawyers – these relationships are very important; ask the lawyer several questions about injury law such as how is liability proven and how are damages or compensation determined – the lawyer should be able to answer these questions right away; if the lawyer provides you with an estimate of the value of your case during the first meeting, this is not a good sign because it is almost impossible to estimate the value of most injury cases so early on in the process. Ask the lawyer if they have a positive track record with injury cases. Finally, ask the lawyer if they are prepared to take on the case on a no fee until you win basis (called contingency fee arrangement). If so, then the lawyer is willing to share the risk of the file with you and, in such cases, lawyers typically only take on cases they believe they can win.
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NOTICE: This article is not-intended to be legal advice. All cases must be assessed based on its own facts. One fact can change an entire case and the advice provided. Consult a lawyer for legal advice.