Recent Ottawa Winter Storm Kills Man in Car Accident

The Ottawa Citizen has reported that a tragic fatal car accident on Highway 401 at a location near Prescott killed a 57 year old man this week. It seems, from what is known that the storm was a contributing factor in the motor vehicle accident. There were many other car accidents in Ottawa which injured other people. The Ontario Provincial Police closed the eastbound lanes of Highway 401 near Prescott on Friday to deal with this tragic event. The accident occurred just before 10:00 a.m., just west of the 401 exit to Prescott.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that the victim’s name has not been released, while officers notify his next of kin. Police say the driver was in the car alone when it crashed.

When weather causes an accident and it is a single car accident, the persons injured in the accident can claim compensation from their own insurer under their entitlements to statutory accident benefits and where there is no car insurance, there is a government fund that may be available to provide some compensation or coverage of medical expenses.

There are many serious winter Ottawa car accidents caused by weather conditions, driver’s errors and other reasons.

Regardless of who caused the Ottawa car accident, victims will be entitled to statutory accident benefits. Regardless of what caused the Ottawa car accident, those benefits will be available. In Ontario’s no fault system, most people will have coverage for statutory accident benefits. These benefits are paid to passengers, pedestrians, drivers etc… involved in car accidents. In the event of death, there are death benefits also available for the victim’s family.

In many cases, the victim can also pursue the at fault driver for compensation in what is a called a tort claim.

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