Legal information provided to the general public on websites is no substitute for face-to-face legal advice

With the accessibility of information contained on the Internet, it is currently extremely easy to obtain a significant amount of legal information from various websites contained on the Internet. However, there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings with lawyers when obtaining legal advice or legal information pertaining to a particular issue. In law, one single fact can drastically change the outcome of any case. Each case that appears before the court is decided on its own facts and one final fact can make all the difference between winning and losing a court action.

Often, self represented litigants rely on online resources to assist them with respect to their cases. In many cases, self-rep’s are presented litigants who obtain no legal advice directly from a lawyer and rely entirely on information obtained from the Internet. This is a huge mistake. Many self represented litigants who rely on online resources to obtain legal information and in some cases advice, become quickly disillusioned and extremely disappointed with the outcome of their cases. Even the best websites that include legal information are no substitute for legal advice from a lawyer.

Many websites provide legal information as a means to provide increased access to justice. When reviewing legal information on the Internet, you must keep in mind that information is provided for the general public and is not specific to any particular case or the facts of any particular case. When navigating through the vast amount of information contained on the Internet, self represented litigants should assume that some of the information will be incorrect and not at all applicable to their case.

There are many lawyers who offer free legal consultations. Self represented litigants should take advantage of the offers made by lawyers offering free consultations. In some cases, such as personal injury, lawyers will accept cases on a contingency basis, meaning that they will only charge a fee if successful in the case. Our law firm focuses its practice on personal injury claims such as car accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls and other injuries caused by the negligence, recklessness or carelessness of others. We offer free consultations, free case assessment and accept cases on contingency.

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