CBC News Reports Ontario man was awarded $1.15 million in damages in a defective product case
CBC News reports that a London, Ontario man was awarded $1.15 million in a court action against the makers of Visions glass cookware. The man is reported to have loss the use of his right hand in an incident in which a pot exploded.  The court action named Corning Incorporated and World Kitchen Inc. as defendants.
The claim was likely based in negligence and the injured man was able to show that the makers of the product were negligent. The issues with the cookware centered around potential dangers associated with Visions glass cookware. The report suggests that there are hazards with the product when it is banged or dropped.
The cookware apparently exploded into four sharp pieces causing serious and permanent injury to the man’s hand.  The man lost the use of his right hand. His nerves, tendon and artery were severed, causing permanent damage.  The findings of the court included finding that the makers of Visions glass cookware, World Kitchen Inc., and Corning Incorporated, were negligent by not including warning labels with the glass cookware products. The decision is being appealed.
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