Ontario Injury lawyer Explains Limitation Periods — September 22, 2014

In Ontario, there is a two year limitation period under the Ontario Limitations Act. This limitation period applies to the majority (but not all claims – some periods are shorter than 2 years) of claims. What this means is that if you intend to commence a court action to claim compensation for injuries you sustained, you must generally have a statement of claim (which commences your court action) issued before the expiry of the two years from the date you suffered your injuries (date of the incident or accident). The statement of claim must be filed at the court house prior to 2 years from your date of your loss, otherwise you will forever lose your right to start a court action or claim compensation. It is important that you consult a lawyer well in advance of any limitation periods that apply to your case. In many cases, the limitation period is shorter than 2 years and in some cases it can be extended to after 2 years, based on discoverability principles. If you want to make sure all of your rights and interests are protected, consult a qualified Ottawa injury lawyer.

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