Dog Bite Injuries

Were you bitten or attacked by a dog in Ottawa? If so, the law of Ontario may be able to assist you. Indeed, sections 2 and 3 of Ontario’s Dog Owners Liability Act, RSO 1990, c D.16 (“DOLA”) provide that dog owners are fully responsible for the injuries caused by their dog on a person or on a pet. The only exception is if the court finds that the dog was provoked to attack by the person that was injured.
Here is an earlier blog entry on the subject, which provides more information on the matter:

How do I prove my dog bite case?

Sections 2 and 3 of DOLA make proving your dog bite case simple. These sections state that the owner is responsible for the injuries if the causal link is proven. This is called strict liability: if there is damage, and the defendant’s dog caused it, then the defendant is responsible. Therefore, should you be injured by a dog, you need only prove which dog bit you, and to whom it belongs. You also need to seek medical attention because, as discussed in the previous blog entry, the defendant is only responsible for the amount of injuries that are reasonably expected out of a dog bite. If the wound is left to fester and worsen, or if the victim does not seek the appropriate immunizations following such an attack, a court could find the defendant responsible for only a portion of the damages. Therefore, it is important to be the best victim you can be. This involves getting proof of which dog bit you, and seeking treatment.

I have a dog. Does that mean I’m potentially responsible for a large payment if I get sued?

It depends. Some homeowner’s insurance policies will insure your dog, whereas others will not do so (please read this Slaw article for further information: Therefore, you will have to review your homeowner’s insurance to see whether it insures your dog. If it does not, then chances are you will have to cover a judgment against you out of your own pocket.

Legislation in Ontario protects the people who are injured by dog bites.

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