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Children are particularly vulnerable to dog attacks because of their size.  Unfortunately, because of their size, when they are attacked, children can suffer serious injuries, including permanent scarring, emotional trauma, disfigurement, psychological trauma and on occasionally death. 
What can you expect to receive in terms of compensation after being attacked and injured by a dog?  The answer to that depends on many factors such as the severity and permanency of the injuries suffered as well as the types of injuries suffered and cost of medical treatments.
In my previous article, I explained the general steps to follow after a dog attack. Medical treatment is always the first thing to address. However, there are other important steps to take so as to protect yourself such as identifying the dog owner, obtaining the names of witnesses with their contact particulars, reporting the matter to police and the municipal by-law department and take photos of the injuries.
All dogs in Ontario must be vaccinated. Dog bites can cause serious infections and contract rabies.
In Ontario, dog owners and harbourers of dogs can be held liable to pay damages to victims. There are some cases that have held landlord and businesses liable for dog attacks on their property. There are defences available to all dog owners but they are extremely limited in Ontario because dog owners are “strictly” liable for the injuries suffered by victims of dog attacks. 
Often children receive serious scarring and disfigurement after a dog attack and they will require compensation to pay for medical treatments such as cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. It is not unusual for children to also suffer from various psychological injuries such as emotional trauma, fears and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The dog owner will be liable to pay for all necessary medical treatments.
In addition, there is significant research that suggests that children who suffer scarring (especially facial scarring), earn less than their counterparts over their life time. We investigate all possible future losses such as future economic (income) and care costs.
Children are also more likely to suffer from things like fear of dogs, social phobia, nightmares,  anxiety, poor school performance, irritability, withdrawal, depression, behavioural issues etc… All of these issues will be addressed by the health care providers in conjunction with our dog bite lawyers.
There are many factors involved when handling a dog bite case. Our lawyers are very experienced in handling these types of cases and we have enjoyed great success for our clients.
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