Ottawa Lawyer Representing Children Injured in Accidents
Children are not always in the care of their parents. Parents are trust the safety and security of their children with numerous third parties such as schools, day cares, babysitters, friends and family. In addition, children are entrusted in the care of numerous facilities such as recreational facilities and sporting facilities. When a child is entrusted in the care of others, there is a duty on the person supervising the children to ensure their safety at all times. When someone is entrusted the care of a child and acts negligently or omits to act and the child is injured, they can be held liable for any injury sustained by the child.
Our law firm has nearly 20 years of experience representing children injured as a result of the negligence of other people. Our lawyers take every step necessary to ensure that the person or persons responsible are held accountable for their actions.
We represent the interests of children who are injured in a variety of situations such as injuries sustained in schools, malls, retail stores, recreation facilities and parks. We represent children who suffer physical, emotional and psychological injuries. In Ontario, the law respecting representation of children is particularly complicated and involves dealing with court approval applications and litigation guardians.  In some cases, the provincial Office of the Children’s Lawyer becomes involved. In Ontario, all settlements involving children must be approved by a Justice of the Superior Court of Justice who ensures the settlement proposed is in the best interest of the child.
Injuries suffered by children require specialized knowledge and experience. Our lawyers retain the best experts suited and necessary to investigate, assess and advance all possible claims for compensation in order to maximize results for our minor clients.
Our lawyers have significant experience in representing children in all types of injury cases including but not limited to car accidents, boating accidents, accidents in parks, dog bites, dog attacks, swimming pool accidents, accidents in recreational facilities, accidents at ski hills and other school trips, slips and falls, trips and falls, playground accidents, accidents in stores and malls, abuse cases, motor vehicle accident cases etc… We represent children all over Ontario.
Because children are considered persons under disability at law and incapable of making their own informed decisions, the law requires children to be represented by a litigation guardian, which is usually a parent. We work closely with the parent / litigation guardian to maximize the recovery for the child.
If your child has been injured in an accident, contact us for free consultation at 613-315-4878. Our lawyers work on the basis of no fees until you win.
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