Medical Malpractice in Ontario

Do you know someone that was injured or died as a result of suspected medical malpractice?
Every day doctors, nurses, surgeons and other hospital staff help people heal and provide excellent care. However, from time to time, mistakes can happen. In some cases, the mistakes are negligent and persons injured by those negligent acts or omissions are devastated. In some cases the mistakes are catastrophic for the patient and their families. It is difficult to know of errors made by health care professionals amount to negligence and warrant claims for compensation.
At our personal injury law firm, we meet with injury victims and their families and assess cases free of charge. In almost all cases, a professional expert medical legal opinion is required to determine if a health care professional was negligent. At the meeting, we review relevant documents, receive information and complete an “initial” assessment. If it is warranted, we then proceed to the next step which involves a much more detailed analysis of the facts and more complete investigation, which involves obtaining all relevant documents, obtaining witness statements and obtaining the opinion of a qualified medical expert to determine acts or omissions amounting to negligence which caused the injuries and damages claimed.  Without an expert opinion, it is impossible to successfully pursue a medical malpractice claim. We work with families to locate and retain top experts in the necessary field involved.
Our injury law firm has successfully pursued medical practitioners in negligence and obtained significant compensation for injury victims and their families. 
Medical malpractice law is one of the most complex laws in the personal injury field and health care practitioners have very experienced and well funded insurance and lawyers. Medical malpractice claims are often difficult, complex, challenging and vigorously defended. However, we have successfully pursued claims on behalf of our clients and obtained compensation for pain and suffering, income losses, rehabilitation costs, medical expenses, compensation for family members and more. 
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