1. If you are injured in any accident, you have the right to sue and seek compensation.

2. If you intend to sue, there are limitation periods that can prevent you from suing and you must therefore start a court action within the set time limits, otherwise, you will forever lose your right to sue and seek compensation.

3. You should consult a lawyer as soon as possible after you are injured. Many personal injury, accident and disability law lawyers offer free consultations and will take on cases on a No Fee Until You Win basis. At the initial meeting, the injury lawyer will explain all of your rights and interests, assess your case, and describe your options relating to your claim.

4. Insurance adjusters, while regulated with standards of practice, work for an insurance company and their job is to investigate claims and obtain evidence that will assist the insurance company to limit or deny claims. Only your personal injury, accident and disability law lawyer will work to protect your rights and work to maximize your recovery. Although insurance companies are government regulated, they are in the end private businesses and their focus is not on paying you compensation.

5. Statements given to insurance adjusters and companies can and will be used against you in a Court action.

6. You can obtain witness statements and talk to all witnesses. You have just as much right as insurance companies to interview witnesses and obtain witness statements.

7. If you are partly at fault for the accident, you can still claim and receive compensation. The amount of compensation may be reduced, but compensation will nonetheless be paid.

8. If you are totally at fault for the accident, you can still obtain some compensation. For instance, in car accidents, regardless of fault you can apply for and receive accident benefits to pay for medical and rehabilitation expenses and receive some lost earnings. Also, many private extended health care plans will pay benefits regardless of fault. Also, disability policies often apply and pay benefits regardless of fault.

9. You do not need to go to Court to receive compensation, most cases settle out of Court.

10. Lawyers charge too much and require down payments. Most personal injury lawyers do not charge for the initial consultation and assessment of your accident case. Also, most personal injury lawyers will take on cases on a No Fee Until You Win basis, meaning that they charge nothing until you win. They receive a percentage of the settlement instead, at the end of the case.

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