At Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP, we see many clients each year who suffer shoulder injuries from a variety of causes – car accidents, assaults, trip and falls, slip and falls and sporting injuries. Shoulders are a very flexible and obviously useful part of the body. The joints in the shoulders are very useful in particular and used in many daily activities. However, they can be injured quite easily it seems. Shoulder injuries include strains, sprains, rotator cuff injury and usually tears, fractured shoulder bones, dislocation of shoulder, subluxation of shoulder, bruises to muscles, shoulder separation, nerve injury, and other soft tissue injuries. Shoulders are especially vulnerable to injury in motor vehicle and car accidents since they are supported by seat belts that strap across the shoulders. The impact can cause significant injury to the shoulders.

Because of the nature of shoulder injuries, they tend to last a long time and cause permanent disability of varying degrees. Also, given the type of injuries shoulders sustain, they usually result in a requirement of physical therapies such as physiotherapy. Recovery from shoulder injuries can be frustrating. Try getting dressed by yourself with a shoulder injury.

Like other injuries, some shoulder injuries can seem minor but then become more serious over time. Symptoms may first be mild and then develop into severe pain and agony. Shoulder injuries can develop into chronic medical conditions, causing significant pain and disability.

At Plant Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki PC, LLP, Ottawa Accident and Injury Lawyers, our trained personal injury lawyers have experience in dealing with all types of injury cases, including shoulder injury cases. We have helped many clients throughout Ontario receive fair compensation for shoulder injuries.

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