Understandably, all of our clients ask us this question. It is difficult to tell you if you have a good case without meeting with you and obtaining all the facts. Having a good case depends on many factors. An experienced personal injury lawyer can take a bad case and make it good. Even bad cases settle and we have obtained compensation for our clients who did not have strong cases.

There are two distinct general parts to a personal injury case:

  1. Liability: a determination of who caused the accident; and
  2. Harm/Damages: proving that injuries were suatined and resulted from the harmful act.

If you have both a clear liability picture and serious injuries, then you will probably have a case.

We can tell you that generally, in order to have a good case you need the following elements:

  1. you have been injured (any type of injury, does not matter what type in most cases);
  2. someone else was at fault (they owed you a duty of care and breached that duty of care, or they breached the contract, etc…);and
  3. the fault in question caused you the injury.

How is fault determined? It is determined based on the facts and what the law says about those facts. We can assess fault in your case, free of charge. Fault is a legal question which can be answered once all the material facts are know.

Our lawyers will analyse all of the facts and determine if your case meets the elements needed to advance a case. Most people who call us have a good case.

We will let you konw if you have a good case or a bad case. We are honest with our clients. We provide free consultations.