Yes we do. We understand that because of the nature of the claims advanced, sexual abuse cases require special attention.

Our Ottawa sexual assault and sexual abuse lawyers offer victims of assault, sexual assault, rape and sexual abuse a legal means of obtaining fair compensation and an opportunity to exact justice against the abusers. We provide compassionate and respectful guidance and representation in all aspects of a court action against the all those responsible for the sexual assaults.

Victims of sexual abuse can often pursue their abusers long after the acts were committed. If you were abused as a child, teenager or an adult, we can provide meaningful guidance and explain to you your rights against the individual (strangers, former friends, co-workers, family members) institutional (schools boards, churches, camps, care facilities and their employees, agents and assigns) and governmental (children’s aid societies, government departments and department heads) abusers. Through legal principles such as tort law, contract law and fiduciary obligations, we can help you obtain compensation from the abusers. Pursuing civil remedies against abusers through the civil courts is different than pursuing them in the criminal courts. As a victim, you have the right to pursue the abusers regardless of the outcome of any criminal proceedings.

The compensation we seek on behalf of our clients will never satisfactorily address the profound wrong done, but it can help alleviate some of the stresses such as expenses needed therapies, living expenses, loss of income and medical expenses. The goal is to have our clients put back as close as possible to the financial position he or she would have been in had the abuse not occurred. It is never possible, though money alone, to remedy the act of abuse or the impact of abuse; compensation is one way the justice system can assist victims. The types of compensation that may be awarded include general damages for pain and suffering, therapy and counselling expenses, losses of income, our of pocket expenses and legal expenses. In many cases punitive and aggravated damages can also be awarded to particularly punish the abuser.

The consequences of sexual abuse are complicated, devastating, profound and long term. It is impossible to compare the impact of sexual abuse to any other form of personal injury. That is why at our law firm, we handle sexual abuse cases with particular care and compassion and take steps specifically assessed for sexual abuse cases.

If you need the help of experienced, dedicated, compassionate and understanding personal injury lawyers to obtain the compensation you deserve because of the wrongful and criminal act of another, contact us for a free consultation. We often take on sexual abuse cases on a No Fee Until You Win basis. Call us at 613-563-1131, Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers. By: Marc-Nicholas Quinn.