Injuries caused by accidents in the public places such as retail establishments, shops, stores, shopping centers, malls, restaurants and other public property have special considerations in terms of the applicable law. For instance, the standard is different if you have been injured on municipal property such as sidewalks or roads. It is more difficult to find a municipality liable than a retail store owner for example. The governing statute for retail establishments and businesses is the Occupier’s Liability Act.

All public locations such as stores, business premises, offices, retail establishments, shopping centers, etc… are required to be safe and reasonable steps must be taken to ensure the safety of people using the premises. For instance, the premises must be free from any type of slipping or tripping hazards, there should be proper lighting and security and a regular system of maintenance must be in place. Owners, occupiers and managers of public places have a positive responsibility to ensure that appropriate and adequate monitoring, maintenance, cleaning and reparation processes are in place and that the system and processes in place are reasonable.

Amy danger such as obstacles in aisles, fallen objects, a wet floor due to spillage, uneven surfaces, non completed repairs or needed cleaning must have a proper sign that is visible so as to alert the public of the danger and hazard. In many cases, having a sign is not enough, the danger or hazard must be actually removed.

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