Yes. In most cases, we will hire and pay for experts we retain on your behalf in personal injury cases. We will recover the cost of hiring the experts from the settlement proceeds, once the case settles. In most cases, the insurance company representing the person who injured you will agree to reimburse us for the expert costs at the end of the case; sometimes they agree to provide reimbursement as the case progresses.

Suffering a personal injury (or injuries) can have a significant and sometimes life changing impact for the person affected and for their family. In such circumstances, as an injured person, you deserve the assistance of knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyers who will take all steps necessary to secure all compensation that you need and deserve. Your personal injury lawyer should try to achieve the best possible outcome for your personal injury claim. In most cases, this means soliciting the proper experts needed to assist in maximizing the compensation you deserve. As personal injury lawyers, we cannot determine certain aspects of an injured person’s claims without consulting certain personal injury experts. For instance, personal injury lawyers require health care providers to provide opinions on the injured’s person’s injuries, diagnosis, prognosis and treatments completed and to be completed. Injury lawyers require actuarial experts to calculate past and future losses of income and/or business losses. Accident lawyers require experts to calculate future costs of providing medical care. Experts are often needed to prove liability (an engineer who provides an opinion that stairs are defective for instance).

Courts and personal injury lawyers use experts in almost every injury case. Experts provide expert opinions upon which injury lawyers and courts can rely to make certain determinations such as liability, extent of injuries and amount of financial losses suffered. Experts can be qualified because of accreditation, education, experience and training or simply by specific experience in a given field. To give evidence, experts must be formally qualified as an expert by a judge if the matter is at trial. An expert witness, (sometimes called a professional witness) is a witness who, by virtue of their education, experience, training and skill is believed to have sufficient expertise and specialised knowledge in a particular subject beyond that of the average lay person. That knowledge is significant so that others, such as courts (judges) and lawyers can safely and with good conscience rely upon as expert evidence within the scope of the expert’s expertise to assist in making certain determinations about the case.

At Plant Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki PC Mineault Grodzki PC, we will always take every positive step needed to ensure that your claim is handled the right way, including locating and hiring the best experts available to provide expert opinions and testimony required to maximize your chances of receiving fair compensation for injuries you suffer.