You should generally follow the advice of your personal injury lawyer but it is perfectly acceptable to ask for clarification of any issue that comes up. In many cases, medical issues arising out of your personal injury matter require the assistance of medical experts who can review, analyze and provide professional medical – legal opinions on your medical condition which will assist in the settlement of a personal injury claim.

It is quite normal for your personal injury lawyer to suggest that you see a physician or other health care provider s/he recommends. The professional written opinion obtained can be used as evidence supporting your case during the negotiation phase and at trial if needed. The medical report is usually served on the opposing party (or their insurance company) and, if the matter is in litigation, also then filed with the Court in various contexts and in accordance with Rules of the Court and the Ontario Evidence Act. The opinions expressed by the medical and other experts retained by your personal injury lawyer can be independent supporting your case or also reply to the opinions obtained by the health care providers or other experts retained by the insurance company or lawyers representing the person responsible for your injuries.

In virtually all personal injury cases, medical evidence, usually in the form of clinical notes and records, independent test results and medical – legal reports, are obtained to support your case.

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