At Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers, we deal with personal injury everyday.  We have the skills and knowledge needed to maximize your recovery.

In Ontario, there are many types of personal injury which may result in a compensable claim in which an injured person can obtain fair and reasonable compensation.

Here are a few different types of personal injury in which persons can obtain compensation:

Bodily Injury 
Bodily injuries are the most common injuries from which persons claim compensation. This type of injury allows a person who has suffered injuries to his or her brain, spine, skeletal system, organs, body or even suffered from a disease as a result of someone else’s negligent behaviour.

Economic Injury
There are certain acts and omissions which can lead to someone suffering only economic damages such as loss of income. However, economic injuries usually form part and are a result of someone suffering a bodily injury as well. In some cases, the person doesn’t actually suffer physical injury. For instance, if someone’s negligence leads to another’s real property being worthless (i.e. trees cut down in error), this situation would be considered an economic injury.

Injury to Reputation 
This is the area of personal injury law where cases such as slander and libel claims would be classified. Some consider these economic injury cases. In libel and slander cases, generally, the person who has suffered the loss most show actual harm to his or her reputation and that this harm has led to actual physical or economic loss in order for a claim to be successful.

Intentional Injury
In these cases, negligence is really not the substance or foundation of the claim. Rather, the person who is injured advances a claim based on someone’s intentional act such as assault and battery or the person was grossly negligent (i.e. driving very carelessly) such that intent could be assumed. Examples of claims under this classification would be assault and battery. Often, the act can be classified as both an intentional act and negligent act.

Injury Claims and Limitation Periods
There are several different types of personal injury cases. The above is only a small summary of the types of injury cases we handle. In the end, if you’ve suffered any type of injury or damages as a result of an act or a failure to act by someone else, you need to contact us immediately to protect your rights and interests.

Your first consultation is free of charge. There are limitation periods in Ontario which provide that you only have a specified amount of time to commence a claim before the law prevents you from doing so. Delay on your part can result in your claim being statute barred.