In any personal injury or accident cases, there are different types of damages which may be recoverable from the person who caused the injury, the at-fault party. They include special damages such as lost wages or lost income, out of pocket expenses and medical costs. There is also a type of damage called “pain and suffering damages” which is also sometimes referred to as non-pecuniary or general damages. Loss of enjoyment of life is part of the general damages an injured person can claim as a result of an injury or injuries sustained in an accident.

When a person suffers an injury, their lives are affected in various ways. Every injury impacts on the enjoyment of and quality of life of the injured person. In some cases it is temporary and minor, but in other cases, it is profound, life altering and permanent such as a serious head injury, spinal cord injury, brain injury or other serious injury. The more serious the injury, the more catastrophic the injury, the more this head of damage is relevant and significant. Loss of enjoyment of life is considered a general damage, such as pain and suffering damages.

Calculating the amount of damages for the loss of enjoyment of life, however, is not an easy task and your lawyer uses his or her legal skills to make an assessment in this regard. Your personal injury lawyer will use medical and other evidence, research case law and discuss with you the various ways the injury or injuries has affected your life and those of your family to arrive at an amount that would fairly compensate you for this head – type of monetary damages.

Therefore, you need experienced personal injury lawyers who focus their law practice on injury law. Our firm has this experience and the track record of success you need.

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