Serious illness or personal injury can present a significant financial burden to an individual and/or their families. Future care expenses can often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in the worst of cases, sometimes millions. In order to assess the costs of future care, personal injury lawyers turn to experts who complete thorough assessments of the associated costs an injured person is likely to incur in the future. Future care cost and needs assessments are completed based on published standards of practice for Life Care Planning. The assessments provide assessment and support of the costs of future care for an injured person’s current and projected services, medical treatment, medical needs, equipment, therapies, interventions etc… The assessments are usually completed on the basis of attempting to assist an injured person to maximum independence, prevent functional deterioration and provide replacement services for those tasks the injured person is no longer able to complete.

The reports solicited summarizes a client’s future medical needs and expenses. Future care costs and needs assessments are valuable tools your personal injury lawyer can use during negotiations with opposing counsel, insurers and adjusters in or out of Court, at settlement conferences and in mediation sessions. The report, in addition to other valuable information, synthesises valuable medical and expense information from all data sources, including medical documents and quantifies recommendations to establish a comprehensive life care plan.

Costs of future care assessments involve a detailed assessment of the client’s functioning in areas such as medical needs, rehabilitation requirements, equipment needs, home support needs, renovation needs, attendant care requirements, medical devices needs, adaptation needs, vocational needs and environmental modification requirements.

Cost of Future Care Assessments consist of a comprehensive report based on a full functional assessment. They often involve full in home evaluation and consultation by health care professionals who help determine an appropriate plan of future care with all associated costs that entails. In turn, as personal injury lawyers, our job includes using the reports as one tool to obtain fair and reasonable compensation for our injured clients.

At Plant Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki PC Mineault Grodzki PC, we are committed to providing expert advice on the legal issues relating to our injured client’s matters and when needed, we will retain the services of medical experts, rehabilitation and consulting services experts to assess the needs of the clients who retain us. Our team of legal professionals has extensive experience in planning and providing excellent legal services including the value of consulting other experts needed to maximize our client’s financial recovery and well being.

Future care cost and needs assessments and life planning reports are used for settlement and rehabilitation planning purposes. Our law firm is able to provide a unique and valuable service to our clients by locating and retaining experts who can complete the assessments and reports.
We refer such needed expert assessments to reputable multi disciplinary experts who consist of any combination of the following: social workers, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and other medical experts. These experts can provide valuable expert opinions and guidance based on their experience, training and research Our law firm provides reliable access to outside expert health care specialists who provide consultation, assessments, opinions and reports.

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