Not many people can afford to hire a lawyer. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer can be expensive. However, at Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP, we offer No Fee Until You Win retainer arrangements. What does this mean? This means that we will handle your case without any charge to you, no money down. If we recover a settlement for you, we are paid a percentage of the settlement; depending on what the specific case is about, the percentage is 30 to 35%. If there is a settlement, the insurer usually agrees to pay 15% of the amount you pay us. If we do not settle your case, we do not charge you anything. This type of arrangement is legally allowed and authorized by the Law Society of Upper Canada. This type of arrangement is called a contingency fee arrangement and provides access to justice for the thousands of injured persons who cannot otherwise afford to pay a lawyer $200 to $500 per hour to handle their personal injury case.

There is no doubt that taking a case to court is expensive. In personal injury cases, in addition to income loss you may be suffering as well as direct and indirect costs of medical treatments, you have to consider the costs of lawyer’s fees, court filing fees, expert report costs, medical expert costs, clinical notes and records costs etc… In many cases, our clients cannot afford to pay experts the hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars requested for their professional assistance, opinions and expert reports. We, in most personal injury and disability cases, will advance our clients the funds to pay for these expert fees. We handle all aspects of obtaining the documents and expert reports needed and we pay for it. We recover the cost from the opposing party or insurer when the case settles.

In most personal injury and disability cases we handle, we do so on a contingency fee basis. Most of our clients believe that they would not have been able to hire a lawyer but for the contingency fee arrangement. Because we take a percentage of the settlement, the bigger the settlement the more you get and the more we get, so you can expect that we will to everything possible to maximize your recovery such as conduct a full analysis, full review, retaining the best experts, reviewing all aspects of your case and negotiating aggressively. Since most personal injury cases are settled, all of our lawyers are trained in advanced negotiation techniques and alternate dispute resolution techniques to effectively bargain a settlement for our clients. Our personal injury lawyers also participate in CLE (continuing legal education) programs and we are always up to do on the latest news and law relating to personal injury, accident and disability matters. We also buy the best software and services available to assist us with handling personal injury cases, such as legal research database services.

We offer free consultations. There is no obligation and no pressure. If you believe you have a personal injury, accident or disability case and want to discuss your rights, interests and hear your options, contact us at 613-315-4878 (613-315-HURT). Marc-Nicholas Quinn, Lawyer, Mediator, Author and Law Instructor.