How do the lawyers at the Ottawa Injury and Accident law firm settle files without litigation?
What do we offer as part of our free consultation?
Not all personal injury cases have to go to court. In our experience, most accident and injury claims are settled before having to commence a court action.  Only 2% of our cases reach trial. Most of our clients injured in accidents obtain fair and reasonable compensation without going to Court. Our lawyers are trained and experienced in alternative dispute resolution techniques and most of our cases are settled through negotiations and mediations. As a result of our experience and proven track record, we are respected by the insurance industry and defence lawyers. If your case does not settle through negotiations, you will be given the option to stop or keep going by starting a court action.  Either way, we will support you. We are experienced both as negotiators and litigators.
To learn more about how we settle cases and avoid litigation if possible, please contact any of our Ottawa injury lawyers at 613-315-4878. We offer free consultations and accept most injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning no fee until you win.
What do we offer as part of our free consultation?
1. We meet you face to face.
2. We listen to your story and answer your questions.
3. We ask you questions and obtain all the relevant facts.
4. We explain the law to you in a way that you understand – we limit the legal ease.
5. We explain what the legal issues are and how we can deal with those issues.
6. We review with you the strengths and weaknesses of your case and what we can do to advance your case while still dealing with those weaknesses.
7. We explore and advise you of your legal options.
8. We explain how we handle the case from start to finish.
9. We explain what your role is during the process and what we will need from you.
10. We agree to deal with the third parties such as insurance companies, adjusters, experts and defence lawyers.
11. We tell you how we protect your legal interests and legal rights.
12. We explain how we advocate for your case and what we do to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement of your file without having to go to Court.
13. We openly explain our fees and what we charge for our services.
14. We, in most cases, offer contingency fee arrangements and work on a no fee until you win basis –  – we commit our promise to writing.
15. We offer free consultations and it will not cost you anything to meet with us and discuss your accident.