“Work-Up” the file means the work needed to pursue and prove your case.  It is the investigation of your file.

The full extent of the investigation steps required depends entirely on the type of claim you have

.You can expect that we will need to obtain witness statements, likely tax information such as income tax returns and pay stubs if you are claiming loss of income, medical records such as hospital notes and records and medical reports from treating physicians and medical experts we hire for you. We may also need to hire other types of non-medical experts such as actuarial experts and appraisers.

In automobile cases, we also ask for police reports and in all cases where insurance is relevant, we ask for copies of all policies of insurance. We write directly yo third parties for you to obtain the records – all you need to do is sign our standard form direction authorizing us to obtain the information and documents for you.

We collect and gather the needed documents and we review them, sometimes with the experts we retain for you.

This level of investigation takes time and money. At PQTLaw we handle most cases on a contingent fee basis, which means we get our fee from your eventual settlement or judgment Therefore, you need not be concerned about paying us. We don’t get paid unless you do. We do not charge a fee if there is no recovery.