In general terms, there is no maximum for any type of damages awards in Canada, including Ontario. However, unlike the United States, the amounts in Canada are relatively modest.

There is a maximum amount when it comes to general damages however. General damages are compensation for past, present and future pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life resulting from injuries sustained in an accident.

The maximum is $329,244 as of February, 2010. The amount is indexed for inflation and is currently growing at the rate of about 1.5% per month. The amount can change at any time by an award made by Justice in a Court case.

In cases of car accidents and claims for compensation, there are limits and deductions applicable. For instance, there may be a $30,000 deductible against general damages for cases under $100,000 and loss of income claims (Income Replacement Benefits) are limited to 80% of your net past loss of income, up to a maximum allowed. Other than in car accident claims, there is no such statutory or common law reductions in past or future loss of income claims.

In most cases of personal injury, the most you can realistically expect to receive is the maximum amount provided for in the insurance policy covering the loss, unless the person responsible for the accident has significant assets from which you can collect above and beyond policy limits.