If you have been handling your personal injury case on your own, you should know that, chances are, you are not fully informed of all your rights and interests. You may be negotiating a settlement for an amount which is lower than you are entitled to receive. Without a lawyer, you are taking some risks in agreeing to a settlement which is potentially unfair.

Our law firm does not charge for consultations so you can meet with one of our lawyers free of charge and ask questions about your case. We can assess your case and give you advice on what we think is a fair settlement. You can then decide if you want to hire our personal injury law firm to pursue your remedies.

In every personal injury,. accident or disability case, we suggest you hire a lawyer. If any of the following circumstances occur while you are handling your own personal injury, accident or disability case, we suggest you consult and retain a personal injury lawyer.

1. You do not understand the documents the insurance company has given you;
2. Your claim has been rejected by the insurance company;
3. Your claim has been unpaid by the insurance company;
4. The settlement seems low to you;
5. The insurance company is ignoring you;
6. The insurance company wants you to see health care providers they have selected;
7. The insurance company wants you to sign a document such as forms or a statement;
8. The insurance company wants a sworn statement from you;
9. The insurance company wants to orally record or videotape a statement from you;
10. The insurance company is seeking documents from you or other people involved in your life such as your family, health care providers, employer etc…
11. The insurance company has surveillance on you;
12. The insurance company is obtaining statements from witnesses;
13. Your injuries seem to be permanent;
14. Your gut feeling is something is wrong; or
15. You are confused or not knowledgeable about the process or simply want to know your rights and interests.

Warning!! Every case has a limitation period, after which you will be forever barred from ever claiming damages from the person responsible for your injuries. The limitation periods are amended by statute from time to time.