Unfortunately, car accidents are a reality of life and chances are that every one of us will be in one. If you have been in a serious motor vehicle accident, you should consult an injury lawyer right away. Most people are not sure when and if they should consult a lawyer after a serious car accident or any accident. When making a decision to call a lawyer, here are some things to keep in mind:
If no one has been injured in an accident and the property damage is minimal, you likely don’t need to call a lawyer. The typical fender bender accidents can be dealt with quickly and efficiently through your insurance company adjuster.  However, if someone has been injured in an accident, you should consult a lawyer right away. If you have been injured in an accident, your own insurer may seem helpful but they are not always on your side. They may want to minimize the compensation they may have to pay. Only your own car accident lawyer can protect your interests and make sure you receive fair compensation.
You should definitely call an injury lawyer if the car accident resulted in injury to you or someone else, the accident caused the death of someone, caused serious property or vehicle damage, if you are uncertain whether you were at fault or not or the other driver will not share information such as insurance and identification particulars.  You should also contact a motor vehicle lawyer if: fault is an issue, a pedestrian was injured, road conditions were a factor, the accident occurred in a construction zone, you are being charged with an offence or uncertain if you may be charged, the accident report is inconsistent with the accident and you are blamed for the accident, there are legal issues involved, there are medical issues involved, you are experiencing issues with your insurer or the other parties or your insurer hires a lawyer.
Other reasons to contact an accident lawyer includes: you need advice on settlement on the value of your case, you need help dealing with your own insurance company, you need assistance dealing with the other party’s insurance company, you are unsure if there is insurance available, fault over the accident has become an issue, your insurer is giving you a hard time, you don’t feel comfortable negotiating your own file, you don’t understand your insurance policy and what you may be entitled to receive, your insurer or other party’s insurer wants you to sign documents, settlement documents or a release.
Dealing with issues arising out of car accidents is stressful. An experienced injury lawyer can provide you with information, guidance and representation to make the process less stressful. Your lawyer can make sure you are protected from claims and protected from tactics your insurance company or the insurance companies of the other persons involved. An experienced car accident lawyer can represent your interests and obtain fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries.
Our lawyers make sure that you are fairly treated by the insurance companies to receive what you deserve.
Most people know that they should call their insurance company after a car accident. However, it is sometimes not clear if they need to call an injury and accident lawyer. If you have any doubts, call us for a free consultation.
If you have been injured in a serious car accident, call any of our lawyers for a free consultation. If you cannot travel, we can come to you. Our lawyers work on the basis of no fee until you win arrangements (contingency fee arrangements).