Dogs are animals and like all animals their behaviour can not be predicted in many cases. Dogs will attack or bite someone for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons we have experienced in Ottawa dog bite cases are as follows:

  1. The dog was trained to attack by its owner.
  2. The dog was playing and the bite was part of the play but caused injury.
  3. A person interfered with the dog while eating.
  4. The dog is abused by its owner and has a propensity to attack in self defence.
  5. The dog was defending its territory.
  6. The dog was defending an object such as a toy or food.
  7. The dog was defending its owner.
  8. The dog was provoked by aggressive behaviour of the victim.
  9. The dog suffers from anxiety or stress.
  10. The dog was frightened.
  11. The dog was startled.
  12. The dog felt threatened in some way,
  13. The dog is sick.
  14. The dog is injured.

In Ontario, pursuant to the Dog Owners Liability Act, dog owners are strictly liable for their dogs and any injury caused to a person or damage to property. If you can identify the dog and dog owner and also prove that dog injured you, you will receive compensation. If you have been injured by a dog, we can help. Contact is for a free consultation at 613-315-4878.

Marc-Nicholas Quinn
Ottawa personal injury lawyer – Ottawa dog bite lawyer
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