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What is personal injury mediation?

Personal injury mediation can occur before or after a court action is commenced. Mediation may be mandatory under the Court Rules (personal injury actions commenced in Ottawa must go to mediation) or elective such as in family law disputes. While in a personal injury court action the parties may be required to attend mediation, neither [...]

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How are personal injury cases settled?

Personal injury cases resolve one of three ways. They are either settled in Court following a trial; settled before or during a trial; or prior to litigation being commenced. Out of court settlements refers to settlements obtained without any litigation necessary. Most cases settle on a out of court settlement basis. It is uncommon for [...]

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How is mediation used to settle my injury case?

The effective use of mediation to settle Ottawa accident and personal injury claims. Aside from negotiations, mediation has become the number one method to resolve personal injury claims. Almost every jurisdiction in Canada includes mediation as part of the court process in an attempt to resolve disputes without litigation. In Ontario, for most court actions, [...]

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