At Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers, we have experience delaing with government agencies and institutions.  Governmental agencies operate all around us and touch almost every aspect of our lives either directly or indirectly. We rely on these agencies to keep us safe and to perform the governmental function in a responsible manner. These agencies design, build and maintain our sidewalks, bridges, buildings, roads and parks. They educate our children, police our streets and provide many municipal and governmental services that allow us to interact and grow as a community. Sometimes, municipalities fail to protect us and there are breakdowns in the systems employed by municipalities can cause injuries and harm.

Pursuing a municipality for compensation for injuries is different than other types of claims as municipalities have a special status in law. There are special liability and time-line rules that apply to municipalities and other government agencies that do not apply to other persons or corporations.

Our injury lawyers are trained to know these special rules and laws. Let our injury team apply this knowledge for you. The types of claims we can handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Slip or Trip and Falls on Municipal Property
  • Bullying and Assaults at Schools
  • Negligent Supervision of Children at School or Day Cares
  • Highway and Roadway Design and Maintenance Failures
  • Defective Sidewalks or Roadways
  • Various Hazards in Parks and Government Buildings
  • Inspection Failures
  • Failure to Enforce By-Laws
  • Improper Operation of City Vehicles and Equipment
  • Police brutality – Police Assault and Shootings
  • Injuries on Buses, Railways or Trains
  • Failure to Maintain Public Structures