Anyone who has assumed the responsibility for the care of a child such as schools, day care providers, municipalities, private businesses and babysitters has a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to ensure the child is safe at all times.  When we place the care of our children in the hands of other adults or supervisors, those adults and supervisors must ensure the safety of the children.
In some cases, the person entrusted with the care of a child fails to properly care for the child and the child is injured, either through some negligent act or worse, an intentional act or acts.  Sometimes it is because they failed to act. In some cases, the injury is caused simply as a result of lack of supervision.
Our personal injury lawyers have experience in handling negligent supervision cases. We pursue the wrongdoers on behalf of the injured children and their families whether the claim is based on breach of contract, negligence, negligent supervision or otherwise.  We have handled many cases of negligent supervision against home owners who have pools or dangerous premises, against municipalities, against day care providers, private businesses, museums, amusement parks and businesses, playground owners and against schools and school boards. We have advanced claims based on occupier’s liability, general negligence, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and more.
We assess each case very carefully to determine if, in addition to the person entrusted with the supervision and care of the child, there are other persons or legal entities who may be held liable at law, such as property owners.
We work very closely with various medical and non medical experts such as medical professionals, engineers, accountants, economists, care assessors and more to assess and determine the full extent and scope of damages sustained by our clients. We then fully pursue all of the possible compensation our clients deserve, as against all persons who may be reasonably be held responsible for the injuries.