If your child has been injured at school, your child may be entitled to compensation. Negligence is not always apparent and as injury lawyers, we can determine if the accident was caused due to the negligence of another party, be it the school, school board, other child or particular teacher.

There is no question that students get injured at school all the time. There is also no question that in many cases, children are injured through participating in normal school activities, sports, and so on and there really is no one to be blamed. Sometimes accidents are simply accidents and children are injured without the negligence of another person.

In other cases however, the accident could have been avoided. In some cases, the accident occurs because the school, the school board or a particular teacher is negligent and a child is seriously injured. There are a variety of ways in which children suffer injuries at school which are due to the negligence of another person. The wide array of negligent acts include: failure to maintain the school premises safe, providing defective and faulty products and equipment, failing to properly and adequately supervise activities, allowing dangerous activities such as sporting activities which are beyond a child’s ability, etc…

Each case of school liability must be analyzed on its own facts and negligence must be assessed and evaluated with regard to the specific circumstances of each case. Claims against schools and school officials are difficult to prove and a lawyer who is experienced in such cases is needed. Not every injury lawyer is qualified to handle these types of cases.

At Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP, we have significant experience in dealing with children and accident cases. Marc Quinn, a partner of our office has never lost a case against a school, school board or school official.

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