Spinal cord injuries are among the most catastrophic and complex injuries anyone can suffer. Every part of life is adversely affected by spinal cord injuries. Quality of life is affected beyond imagine and lack of, or serious reduction of, mobility has a profound impact on every facet of life for the injured person and their family.

The spinal cord is the nerve center of the body. The spinal column is made up of nerves, vertebrae, cord tissue and disks. When one part of the spinal cord is injured, it usually greatly impacts other parts of the body. Spinal cord injuries can occur from many activities and often occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents, or in combination with head injuries. Spinal cord injuries usually mean a lifetime of rehabilitation and specialized medical care, requiring the long term assistance of various health care providers and other life experts.

A spine injury is generally caused by trauma along the spinal cord. A spine injury often causes significant pain and paralysis and requires surgery or long-term treatment. Injuries to the spine can lead to permanent paralysis. There is often no cure or medical treatment that will undo certain types of paralysis, but there are surgeries which can assist in making day-to-day life easier.

Not all lawyers appreciate nor understand the legal, emotional and medical complexities of spinal cord injuries and the financial burden it causes injured persons and their families. The various types of financial and non-financial losses must be fully analyzed before considering any settlement. There can be no rush to settlement in spinal cord injury cases.

We understand that spinal cord injuries affect injured persons differently. The degree of paralysis depends upon the level and the extent of injury to the spinal cord. There are various types of spinal cord injuries. They are defined generally in two main classifications as follows: A complete spinal cord injury is one in which the injury has caused a total loss of feeling and function below the site of the injury. A partial spinal cord injury does not cause a total loss of feeling. There may be some feeling such as tingling and some limited movement below the location of the injury.

There are various bodily consequences of spinal cord injuries, other than paralysis and loss of use of arms and/or legs, which can be devastating such as loss of sensation in certain areas of the body, severe muscle spasms, severe pain and loss of certain bodily functions.

At our accident and injury law firm, we have the experience needed to address spinal cord injury cases fully and comprehensively. We have represented many clients in personal injury and other accident cases where the injuries are severe, prolonged and permanent, including head and spinal cord injury cases. On behalf of our clients, we retain and rely on medical experts to provide professional medical legal assessments and opinions. We also hire and rely on various non-medical experts such as actuarial experts, economists, engineers, rehabilitation experts, accountants, tax experts and life care specialists such as certified life care planners. Our experts assess past and future needs of our clients and also assess the financial cost of fulfilling those needs. We hire experts in every field necessary to full assess our client’s needs.

If the case proceeds to trial, we use technical evidence such as demonstrative evidence, graphic evidence, photographs, enlarged medical test results such as films and scan results, animation software and more. In many cases, we hire experts in the field of life assessment and have them prepare day-in-the-life videos which have proven very successful in depicting the day to day challenges of persons injured. This level of complex analysis and legal work is absolutely required in spinal cord and head injury cases.

We assign a team of lawyers and law clerks to each injury case. Our strength lies in the fact that we have teams of lawyers and legal professionals who can work toward the common goal of advancing our clients’ interests in these complicated cases.

We have handled many cases involving paralysis, hemiplegia, paraplegia, quadriplegia, sciatic nerve injuries, radiating pain and related injuries and neurogenic pain injuries.

Our lawyers are strong legal advocates. Each case is assessed fully from a liability perspective and from a damages-compensation perspective; and a strategy for achieving positive results and success is formulated in every single case. We apply winning proven strategies and techniques to mediation and other forms of dispute resolution, such as judicial pre-trials and settlement conferences. We first focus on reaching maximum compensation through non litigation means. If necessary however, we are not afraid of the courtroom and we do take cases to trial.

At our law firm, we assess all costs associated with the short and long term medical and non-medical needs of our clients. While the obvious costs such as medical care expenses, rehabilitation expenses, assistive aid expenses, medical device expenses and similar expenses must be fully assessed, we focus as well on the less obvious costs such as the impact on social and family relationships, pain and suffering from every conceivable angle, loss of income and benefits and the short and long term impact on quality of life.

When someone suffers from a spinal cord injury, they suffer greatly and their family members also suffer greatly. We also focus on ensuring all family members are full compensated. We advance claims for loss of care, guidance and companionship, for care services, expenses, loss of income and more. In cases of motor vehicle accidents having caused the spinal cord injury or injuries, we work on obtaining statutory motor vehicle accident benefits for the injured person and any eligible family members.

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