Many people have short term disability (STD) and long term disability (LTD) benefits available through employment insurance packages or privately purchased insurance policies. Policies vary, but all insurers require proof of disability before paying benefits. Insurance is designed to protect individuals from suffering losses that can be incurred due to serious injury, disability, death or property damage. Sadly, insurers often refuse to pay genuine and legitimate claims. After paying insurance premiums, the expectation is that the insurer will cover your loss when injured. This is not always the case.

Insurers often purposely set up roadblocks to claims and refuse to pay claims even when there is clear evidence to support the disability from physicians and health care providers. Insurance is meant to protect you when you become disabled or injured, either from illness or accident. Disability insurance policies are intended to provide you with peace of mind as the benefits from this insurance is designed to replace your lost income. A denial of a disability claim at a time when you are particularly vulnerable can be particularly devastating. If this is happening to you or someone you care about let our lawyers help. We will vigorously represent you and pursue your claims. We know how to deal with insurance companies.

We handle all types of disability and insurance claims, including:

  • Short and Long term Disability Claims
  • Ontario Disability Support (ODSP) Claims
  • Canada Pension Plan Claims
  • Life Insurance Claims
  • Critical Illness Claims
  • Mortgage Insurance Claims
  • Claims for Indemnity
  • All Types of Insurance Claims Denials and Appeals