At Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers we have many years of experience dealing with animal attacks, especially dog attacks and bites. In order to receive compensation, you need not actually be bitten by a dog, it is sufficient that the dog attacked you and you were somehow injured physically or psychologically. In Ontario, as the law has developed, the Dog Owners Liability Act makes owners of dogs strictly liable for damages sustained by someone injured by a dog attack or bite.

If you have suffered physical injuries or emotional distress by an animal attack, you are likely entitled to compensation. Animal attacks can cause someone to suffer serious injury, especially attacks and bites by dogs. Dog and other animal attacks are unpredictable. Often the attacks result in serious physical and psychological injuries and are often permanent.
The types of damages we have recovered for our clients include: general damages for pain and suffering, damages for the loss of care, guidance and companionship of family members, loss of income, out of pocket expenses, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, medical costs, future medical and other costs and losses, counselling costs, plastic surgery costs and more. If you have been injured by a dog or other animal, we can help.

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Can’t Locate Dog Owner?

If you are unable to locate the dog owner after a dog attack or bite, click HERE to read some steps that can help you locate the dog owner.