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Should I tell the truth – Always?

Absolutely - Always! The truth will always set you free. If you don't lie, you can rest easy. Lawyers, judges, adjusters etc... are all trained in cross-examination and ability to judge character and credibility. It is a rare case that a liar is not found out, through skillful cross-examination.

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10 things an insurance company may not tell you

1. If you are injured in any accident, you have the right to sue and seek compensation. 2. If you intend to sue, there are limitation periods that can prevent you from suing and you must therefore start a court action within the set time limits, otherwise, you will forever lose your right to sue [...]

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How to lose your case – 10 things not to do!

Take no time to document what happened at the accident, as soon as you are able. Take no time to take notes during your recovery so that you remember how much you suffered. Don’t listen to your treating physicians, especially regarding treatment needed. Fail to seek needed medical treatment at all. Meet with the insurance [...]

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