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Winning a Slip and Fall Case in Ottawa, Ontario – Occupiers Liability

Winning a Slip and Fall Case in Ottawa, Ontario - Occupiers Liability Slip and fall and trip and fall cases fall under what is called Occupiers Liability torts. Tort is a legal term and means a wrongful act (assault, negligence for example) or infringement of a right (charter breach for example). Occupiers' liability is a [...]

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If I am injured in a public place, can I sue and receive compensation?

Injuries caused by accidents in the public places such as retail establishments, shops, stores, shopping centers, malls, restaurants and other public property have special considerations in terms of the applicable law. For instance, the standard is different if you have been injured on municipal property such as sidewalks or roads. It is more difficult to [...]

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Where can I learn more about slip and fall, trip and fall and property liability cases?

If you are a visitor, tenant, customer or any other person who is injured on someone else’s property, you have the right to seek compensation provided you can prove negligence and/or breach of contract. If you have been injured because of a negligent property owner, property occupier, negligent landlord or negligent business owner, you have [...]

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What should I do after a fall accident?

It is important that you gather evidence right away.  However, you should first seek immediate medical attention. Provided you are medically able toy, re-attend (or cause somene to attend for you) at the scene of the fall, preferably with a friend or family member and take pictures of the location where you fell and take pictures of [...]

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What are common property liability claims (falls etc…)?

Some common types of premises liability claims are (this list is not exhaustive; there are many other ways to be injured on property): Suffering an injury due to a falling object. Suffering an injury due to a slippery surface. Suffering an injury due to an uneven surface. Suffering an injury due to items on aisles. [...]

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