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What Does a Free Consultation With a Lawyer Mean?

What Does a Free Consultation With a Lawyer Mean? In general, a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer means the following: The lawyer will meet with you at his or her office and sometimes at your home or hospital if you are unable to travel. The lawyer will answer your questions. The lawyer will [...]

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Do I need a lawyer to settle a small injury case?

It is true that you do not always require a lawyer for every injury claim involving a slip and fall or other type of injury case, where the injuries are very minor. However, there is always value in consulting a lawyer. In some cases, if the injury is small and damages are limited, it may be [...]

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Should I tell the truth – Always?

Absolutely - Always! The truth will always set you free. If you don't lie, you can rest easy. Lawyers, judges, adjusters etc... are all trained in cross-examination and ability to judge character and credibility. It is a rare case that a liar is not found out, through skillful cross-examination.

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How to lose your case – 10 things not to do!

Take no time to document what happened at the accident, as soon as you are able. Take no time to take notes during your recovery so that you remember how much you suffered. Don’t listen to your treating physicians, especially regarding treatment needed. Fail to seek needed medical treatment at all. Meet with the insurance [...]

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What type of car accident cases do you handle? – All Types.

Hiring the wrong accident lawyer can cost you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation! The lawyers of Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP have extensive experience handling cases for individuals who have suffered personal injury as a result of car accidents. We handle all types of car accident cases and all types [...]

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What do I need to prove to win my personal injury case?

In order to succeed in your personal injury claim, you must be able to prove to the court that the person who caused your injuries was negligent. Specifically, you must prove the elements of negligence which are established on the basis of evidence. The elements of negligence are as follows: Duty of care: A reasonable [...]

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My injury lawyer wants me to see doctors he hired, is this normal?

You should generally follow the advice of your personal injury lawyer but it is perfectly acceptable to ask for clarification of any issue that comes up. In many cases, medical issues arising out of your personal injury matter require the assistance of medical experts who can review, analyze and provide professional medical - legal opinions [...]

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What are the steps needed to settle a personal injury case?

If you have been injured because of someone else’s fault, you have every right to commence a lawsuit and fight for fair and reasonable compensation for your losses, damages and pain and suffering. A personal injury lawyer can be a valuable resource to turn to if you have questions about commencing a lawsuit or how [...]

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